The greatest Q – a holloween tribute

AO: Galaxy

When: 2023-10-17

QIC: Yearn

PAX (11): Fenway, New Coke, Skol, Spirit Fingers, Wideright, Yearn

The Thang:

We did a bit of warm up with a short run in the middle Then dying coachroach followed by grabbing huge coupons and heading to picnic tables. We did step ups (and overs) the picn8c tables while chased by their partner lugged down by the huge coupons. For every tag the group did Captain Thors.   We then ran -.just a bit – and back to the tables for ballerinas on the table edge   There was also When Bodies Hit the Floor and Absolutions mixed in.   Frankensteins followed up by resurrected coach roach in the spirit of holloween.   This is kinda the order. Not really.   Finished up with a jog to the flag and closing circle.   This is the end of yearns first Q. It’ll get better. Probably. Depends on how many times I have to fill it out before it accepts my submission.

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