Philly Bulldog Beatdown

AO: Windjammer

When: 2023-10-20

QIC: mike c (Brutus )

PAX (8): Caroline, Cookie, False Start, Milli Vanilli, Townie, uga, Walkie Talkie


The baseball gods and weather gods frowned upon the beatdown I originally drafted yesterday afternoon.    The plan was for a burpee-free workout....I modified as necessary.


Started at Sports Park Pavillion due to lightning. -SSH -Toy Soliders -Imperial Walkers -Weed Pickers -Arm Circles -COVIDS -Zen-like Neck Rolls

The Thang:

Adapted the beatdown on the fly to the sports park setting.   We actually expected a bad cell of lightning that never came, so I was able to stick to about 60% of my original plan.  The theme of the workout was bring our Windjammer PAX together through the common threads between Philly and GA/ATL sports.   1.)Circle Burp -31 burpees due our Craig Kimbrel (#31) connection.   The plan was no burpees, but that was before Kimbrel blew the game last night -Extra 6 burpees due to wrong answer on number of Bulldogs on Eagles   2.)Sprints -7 Sprints of about 40 yards up parking lot hill for our triple connection of D'Andre Swift (#7 with Bulldogs from one of my rival HS in Philly and now an Eagle) 3)2 Rounds of Merkins/Squats for the Big Guys We never quite figured out what 9+8+9+0 whatever that adds up to but we did that many Merkins and Squats with a little run loop (2 rounds) -Carter #98   Davis #90 4.)Coupons - 2 rounds 25 shoulder presses and rows plus small run loop -25 for #22 Ringo and # N. Smith 5.)More Burpees until our GA fans could FINALLY remember NAKOBE DEAN!? -17 each of LBC, Box Cutter, Gas Pumpers with small run loop between each set. 6.)Back to the Phillies for Georgia-born Zach Wheeler #45 -3 Sets of Colt 45 with small run loop in between 7.)Back to the Pavilillion to get ready for the big college game Saturday...We Are...Penn State -25 Dips -25 LBC No Georgia connection here other than to hopefully have Singleton #10 and Allar #15 bring pain to current GA resident @MiliVinilli.  


Prayers for @FalseStart and those impacted by the coming job cuts NLB breakfast upcoming with Norseman and 12/2 for us.  Plan to be there. Santa Ruck coming up and also Windward Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party and potential Beer Ruck (dates not captured by Q)  

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Lightning boomed at 4:55 just as many Windjammers were waking up.   It would have been very easy to stay in bed and use the rain or even safety as an excuse.   A great lesson that F3 has taught me is to make myself uncomfortable and to not search for easy excuses.   As Q it never occurred to me that I could not show up this morning and let my fellow-Windjammers down.    Kudos to the 7 other guys who also came!!   It was an honor to lead this group!!

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