No rest on a Friday

AO: Galaxy

When: 2023-10-20

QIC: Wideright

PAX (10): Abacus (Mark Green), Drain Hole, Fenway, Jorts, New Coke, Skol, Sparky, Tweaker, Wideright, Yearn


disclaimer, stretch and warmup mosey to pavilion

The Thang:

YOYO Rd1- merkins and stn mtn's Rd2- dips and decline merkins Rd3- incline merkins and inlcine merkins PArtner up with 1x coupon Rd1- Pax1 mosey up and down stairs, pax2 curls SWAP Rd2- Pax1 Cusak to flagpole and back Pax2 Burpees SWAP and repeat 10x burpees Rd3- Pax1 Cusak to flagpole and back Pax2 WWII's SWAP Rd4- Pax1 Manmakers and Pax2 Big Lap Return coupons mosey to flag for stretches and TIME


My M - healing Israel - peace, wisdom and protection M Amondola family loss of his Mom, battled ALS for 6 months - in the lord's house Mariana - Lady that we prayed over yesterday for job, discernment and strength You never know what anyone is going through, never miss an opportunity to pray with/over/about someone - GOD IS GOOD!

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