Chasing Gridiron Glory..

AO: Grindstone

When: 2023-10-20

QIC: Hail Mary

PAX (5): Corn Dog, Durty Nelly, Hail Mary, Snowman, Spit Valve


There were ominous signs of rain and lightning, that tested even Snowman’s resoluteness for a BD.  However,  Spit Valve calmed us down with his meteorological credentials.  5 PAX showed up and braved thru some wet turf and toughed thru the BD.


Mosey to top of parking lot. Loosen up with 12 reps of SSH, Sungods (appropriate given the weather), imperial walker, and weed picker. Mosey over to the football field with a pit stop to pick up a coupon.

The Thang:

Walk over to the goal line. 10 reps of 4 exercises—Mercans, Absolutions, Lunges and Curls for the girls. Advance coupon 10 yards.  Mosey to the opposite end zone and back. Repeat the exercises to advance the coupon another 10 yards. Well moved the coupon 70 yards before it was time for Marys. YHC almost decided to audible a mod at the midway point, but decided it would be cool(er) to just repeat the same BD next year to see how much further we’ll go.


Prayers to our brothers (Snowman, Schneider, Shag) as they navigate thru challenging health issues for loved ones.  Prayers to Durty Nelly for quick successes in his professional pursuits.  Be on the lookout for a 2ndF w Ms dinner coming up in 1st half of Dec, and a Confluence event in Nov.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was YHCs third Q and the lead up  was far less stressful than the previous ones.  So, it does get easier.  So if you thinking about signing up to Q, just do it!

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