Reps and Rhythms: A Juxtaposition of Grit and Groove

AO: Gladiator

When: 2023-10-19

QIC: defcon2

PAX (17): Chanel, Cheneral, Cousin Eddie, Darkside, defcon2, DREAMER, Fire Drill, Hitchcock, Laces, Macbeth, Porkchop (Ryan Stackable), Slider, Spandex, Speedo, WhiteWater, Yokel, Brownie, (Manchester In thoughts)


On a crisp October morning, where the sun seemed to hit the snooze button one too many times, the PAX gathered in the gloom, eager (or perhaps just adequately caffeinated) for the sweat-fest that awaited. With YHC, also known as the CO-Q for the day, at the helm, the anticipation was as palpable as the eclectic music mix that serenaded the PAX’s arrival. From Cindy Lauper’s whimsical tunes to the ferocious beats of Russian Death Metal transitioning into a hyped Workout Mix, it was clear that the day’s rhythm was as unpredictable as the playlist.


With a clear, stern command, YHC led the PAX into the warm-up routine. The number 19 was the chosen rep count, representing the day of the month in October.
  1. 19 Side Straddle Hops
  2. 19 Imperial Walkers
  3. 19 Merkins
  4. 19 Air Squats
The laughter at the significance of the rep count mixed well with the tunes, breaking the chill of the dawn.

The Thang:

As we transitioned into the Thang, the rep count morphed to 22, a sweet number representing the years since YHC had their first date with his M. Each block of exercises was a tribute to discipline, resilience, and the sheer will to not let the rhythm outdo the grit of the PAX. Block 1: (11 Minutes)
  1. 22 Merkins
  2. 22 Squats
  3. 22 LBCs
  • The circuit went on repeat, with Cindy Lauper encouraging us to have fun amidst the grueling reps.
Block 2: (11 Minutes)
  1. 22 Mountain Climbers
  2. 22 Lunges
  3. 22 Plank Jacks
  • As the music transitioned into the realms of Russian Death Metal, so did the intensity of the PAX’s efforts, each rep a defiance to the metallic growls from the speakers.
Block 3: (11 Minutes)
  1. 22 Dips
  2. 22 Step-Ups
  3. 22 High Knees
  • The hyped Workout Mix came on, fueling the final push as the PAX powered through, each beat syncing with the pounding of hearts and the rhythm of the reps.
Mary The PAX transitioned into a 5-minute Indian Run, a caravan of resolve trotting from the field back to the flag, each step in-sync with the fading beats of the hyped Workout Mix.


With heaving chests and spirits as high as the morning sun, the PAX circled up around the flag. The CO-Q expressed gratitude for the effort, camaraderie, and the whimsical musical journey that accompanied the morning’s grind. As YHC shared the significance behind the rep counts, smiles and congratulatory back slaps were shared amidst the PAX. As the PAX dispersed, the echoes of laughter mingled with the dissipating tunes, leaving behind memories of a morning where rhythm drove the grit, under the watchful eyes of a whimsical CO-Q.
Prayers for Hitchcock's 6YR old.  Job Search and Interview for our barista.
Upcoming Convergence at Perimeter on Nov 11th.
Till next time, keep the rhythm, embrace the grind, and SYITG!
  • YHC

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The Workout and Backblast were completely the initiation of YHC and no outside help was required...But some was received...ah the magic of technology.  Thanks to the Fart Sacking Manchester for inspiration to use it daily.

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