Getting Ratio’d

AO: The Bound

When: 2023-10-18

QIC: Cookie

PAX (15): Cookie, Ha-ha, MillerTime, Nacho Libre, Rudy, Scampi, Training wheels, Tsunami, Yellowstone, Moose, Lasso, G String, ABC, Whitewater, Shocker


YHC was honored to grab the Q on this beautiful fall morning. At least 6 PAX had some pre-activity fun including Nacho's FNG (Austin) who would be later named during COT. After a normal disclaimer and a brief explanation of what F3 is all about, 15 PAX set off into the gloom to get ratio'd.


Head across the street for a normal routine of SSH and weedpicker. The next warmup exercise would be pain station 1, see below.

The Thang:

In the pre-blast, YHC alluded to fuzzy math. As the warmup concluded, we stayed in place for the first bit of monkey math and an explanation that we would be doing 7 pain stations at a 1:4 ratio rep count. Aside from the first station, we moved around to different parts of the industrial area and campus to complete the following full body beatdown.
  • Squat Walkers - 1:4 ratio of Squats and Imperial Walkers
  • Bonnie Burps – 1:4 ratio of Burpee to Bonnie Blairs
  • Lt Dan – 1:4 ratio of Squat and Lunge
  • Jack Webb – 1:4 ratio of Merkins to Air Press
  • Curl Press - 1:4 ratio of Overhead Press with Coupon to Curls
  • Donkey Merks – 1:4 ratio of Merkins and Donkey Kicks
  • Captain Thor – 1:4 ratio of Big Boy Situps and American Hammer
Each set we reached at least 5 : 20 reps, and got a little higher on a few of them based on time taken to complete. We finished 9 : 36 of Captain Thors on campus right as the 6:10am clock rang.


Prayers were offered up for Training Wheels' family and other men of the program. Praise for the FNG (who we named Rudy as his favorite movie is... well, Rudy) as he just hit 2 years of being clean. More thoughts and prayers for the Israel/Gaza conflict. Announcements included a beatdown and breakfast on campus this weekend hosted by the Norseman. 6:30AM start. Coffeeteria (kinda) followed. Honored to lead.

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