Down with the bot

AO: Rubicon

When: 2023-10-17

QIC: Pinkey

PAX (8): Avis, FannyPack, Groundhog, Red Ryder (D Mack), Shazam, Special K, Trebek


Moseyed around the parking lot forward and backwards 2x

The Thang:

Moseyed to pavilion for a Dora.  One pax ran while the other did step ups 3x 20 dips 20 overhead claps 3x moseyed to field of dreams did an 11 with push up and big boy home plate to outfield headed to grab coupons, Dora style 150 curls, 150 imperial walkers, 150 rows, 150 skulls moseyed to flag for some marry


Great update from Groundhog on his daughters successful eye surgery.  Prayers for continued healing Happy Bday Trabek Beeakfast/BD At the Bound this Saturday

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great morning, Great start, never regret posting.

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