Cats: The Musical Beatdown

AO: Gladiator

When: 2023-10-17

QIC: Macbeth

PAX (12): Chanel, Darkside, defcon2, DREAMER, Hitchcock, Macbeth, Mater, Slider, Spandex, Speedo, Yokel, Brownie


Cats is a musical - turns out its pretty divisive and has ranked, so far, as the least favorite musical amongst the Gladiator PAX. Lot's of other people liked it, however, because it...
  • Played on the West End for 21 years
  • Played on Broadway for 18 years
  • Played in Hamburg for 15 years
  • Is still playing in Tokyo at a dedicated theatre (over 10,000 performances and counting)
It is about a bunch of Cats and was very influential in the theatre community for combining a story based musical with a revue based musical. If you get a chance to see it you should, for the following reasons
  1. It's better than "Dogs: The Musical" because that doesn't exist yet
  2. It's got some iconic dance sequences - specifically Mr. Mistoffelees Conjuring Twirl
  3. Everyone on stage is dressed like a cat so no matter what you're wearing you'll feel better dressed
  4. It's currently only playing in Tokyo which means you have to visit Japan which would probably be really cool


We moseyed and then stopped and did 21 Side Straddle Hops, then we moseyed (bernie for a quick minute), and stopped and did 18 Copperhead Squats, then we moseyed (side to side to a quick minute) and stopped to do 15 Merkins and Rotation. Then we moseyed to a nice stretch time.

The Thang:

Four Corners with the following stations
  1. Cliff Merkins - Bear Crawl to Next Station
  2. Squats or One-Leg Squats - Mosey to Next Station
  3. Donkey Kicks and Wall Sit - Bear Crawl to Next Station
  4. Big boys combined with American Hammers - i.e. Big Boy Am Hams - Mosey to Next Station
Split up to corners and rotate through the stations starting with 21 reps, then 18, then 15, then until failure With 5 minutes left we lined up at the top of the parking lot and Peter Parker-ed (i.e. Cat Merkined or Cat-Kined) to the flag.


  • Convergence being planned for 11/11
  • Buy a Smoked Butt to support a local boy scout troop - talk with Defcon 2 for more info
  • Pioneer Festival this upcoming weekend over close to Athens - talk with Yokel for more details
Prayer Requests
  • Praise that Speedo's son's wedding went well
  • Pray for Macbeth's grandma-in-law as she had heart surgery this morning 10/17 (Update, it went well and they expect full recovery!)
  • Pray for Chanel's uncle who just went into the hospital again
  • Praise that Spandex's father is out of the hospital but continued prayers for his health
  • Pray for Sapndex's job search

Naked-Man Moleskin:


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