Leave No Man Behind, Even A Millenial

AO: Nirvana

When: 2023-10-14

QIC: Shortcake

PAX (11): Biebs, Dosido, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Padre, Shortcake, Special K, Spider, Tank, The Real Woody, turkey


Special K put out the call for a QIC early in the week for 10/14 and I had not Q'd since 02/27, so Shortcake was due. Need to dust out my cobwebs on disclaimer and warm-up. No FNGs, so quick disclaimer.


Quick mosey from NWMS over to American flagpole of Milton High School. Picked up coupon/cement block per pax on the way. Circled up and performed SSH, Weedpickers, Imperial Walkers, and Windmills. Introduced theme of "Leave No Man Behind, Leave No Man Where You Find Him" by introducing all PAX to their Cement Block that would be their man they don't leave behind for the duration.

The Thang:

The hour long BD consisted of 2 parts, Indian Quad and Inaugaral Millenial. INDIAN QUAD - QIC and PAX began on their 6 in a line each with coupon in hands performing exercises (Block LBCs, Blockees, Block Curls, Block Squats) called out by QIC. 1 PAX in front of line runs to 1st cone on quad, then bear crawls to 2nd cone, then back pedals to 3rd cone, then gator crawls to back of PAX line. INAUGARAL MILLENIAL - PAX led by QIC ran with coupons to back of MHS to hill to begin "Millenial." A Millenial is a generational term used for those young people characterized as lazy with poor work ethic. Perfect example of someone you might like to leave behind but today a reminder to even go back for them. Millenial will also serve as a total of 1,000 reps to achieve in the "Millenial" exercise. See below breakdown: (4 Rounds of Below w/ coupon cmu = millenial)
  • Right Side Bottom - Mountain Climbers w/Block x 100, Shoulder the block and go up to next cone
  • Right Side Top - Derkin x 20, Lunge Walk to next cone
  • Left Side Top - American Hammers x 50, Shoulder coupon and go to next cone
  • Left Side Bottom - Knerkins x 20, Lunge Walk with Block to next cone
  • Middle Bottom - Plank w/ nose on block for 30 count, Block Bunny UP the hill
  • Top of Hill - 40 Squats w/ Block, Shoulder Block Down to beginning
Ran back to flag.


Passing of Flag Ceremony from site Q Special K to new site Q Tank. Prayers for Groundhog's daughter and Goose. Prayers for those affected by Israel/Palestine Conflict. Brought up future NLB BD to occur Saturday, October 21st. Will send out reminder on slack.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I appreciate the patience of the PAX as I set out to lead for first time in a long time. Glad they did not leave me behind today.

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