Beatdown at Jericho

AO: Jericho

When: 2023-10-13

QIC: Samsonite

PAX (6): Baskins, Benny, Pinkman, Samsonite, Schneider, Todd Doherty l F3 UMass, None


VQ for Samsonite great support from the crowd!


SSH, Weed pickers and Hillbillies at the parking lot followed by mosey over to the coupon pile. Picked up a medium size coupon and headed over to the football field.

The Thang:

1st and 10 Lined up at one goal line for a 1st and 10 set of exercises with merkins and burpees. Mosey to 10 yard line – 10 Merkins & 1 burpee; sprint to 50 yard line and mosey back to recover. Rinse and repeat till you hit 50; now continue with the target sprint to 100 yards. Get to the 100 yard line and hold plank on 100 till six. Bear crawl inchworm Line up in a straight line from the goal line towards the opposite goal line at about 5 yard intervals. All PAX stay in a Plank. Last person break crawls to the front of the line and yells “next” and we “inchworm”-ed till the 20 yard line. Groiners (yep that’s what the Lexicon says!) Line up along the 20 yard line with all PAX facing the closer goal. Start from push up position and thrust your feet forward landing outside the hands; thrust forward back to merkin position. Rinse and repeat till you get to the goal line. strengthening the Core with a Coupon All PAX in a circle and three exercises with decreasing counts of 20, 15 and 10. (1) Grave diggers (2) V-up with coupon and (3) curls, overhead press and skull crushers time recovery that was always in the plan Mosey back to the parking lot after dropping off the coupon. Round robin with each PAX choosing the exercise followed by Mosey around both the parking lots. And finally three rounds of sprinting to get to 0615  


Prayers for Bob’s wife; praises for an improving business outlook for Benny.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

All set for the evening beers! Have a great weekend folks!

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