Taking flight

AO: Grindstone

When: 2023-10-09

QIC: Spit Valve

PAX (4): Corn Dog, Paparazzi (Sri), Swiper


YHC was at the Atlanta Airshow yesterday when Whiz asked for a substi Q for Monday. Inspiration strikes and a beatdown was born.


Mosey to the big parking lot and complete in cadence Willy Mays Hayes, Good Mornings and Hillbillies. All PAX were then instructed to begin SSH on their own while Q quizzed them about the price of the F-22 that performed yesterday. Every wrong answer received burpees as punishment. After several wrong answers (and burpees), PAX got close enough to the $125M price tag.

The Thang:

Mosey to the big hill by the tennis courts to gain some elevation. Complete 11s with Star Jumps at the bottom and Bonny Blairs at the top. Legs were good and smoked. Made a quick stop at the pavilion for 22 box jumps, 22 step ups and 22 Ferkins (FIA Merkins - on knees). Mosey to the football field and complete three rounds of failure to launch. Hold Al Gore while countdown is done from 10 and when 0 is reached, all PAX perform a jump squat to blast off. More torture felt on the legs. Perform suicides every 10 yards. Transportation out was flying nuns (lunge walking while performing arm circles), deposit 5 flying squirrels then mosey back to the goal line and perform F-22s (22 Freddy Mercuries that then switched to 22 flutter kicks). After 50 yards of this, legs were catching fire and shoulders were as well. It was glorious. Now that all PAX had earned their wings, mosey back to the flag for a round of bat wings. Did I mention that the shoulders were already on fire? Finished things out with a little Mary.


Prayers for Swiper's co-worker killed in car crash in Vegas as well as family that was seriously injured. Prayers for everyone impacted by war in Israel and Ukraine. Santa Ruck is coming in December. Be on the lookout for more communications.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always happy to help a brother out and a privilege to lead. Maybe it was travel related, but we need to get the Grindstone numbers back up to where they've been recently!

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