My calves….

AO: The Wreck

When: 2023-09-29

QIC: Rooney- timlonergan

PAX (19): Rooney- timlonergan, Scoville, veggie, defcon2, moonshine, tinydancer, tubbs, yankee, blue, mountain mama, Aflac, norm, nutmeg, mango, Juul, echo, Foley or


Not as punctual as the bbreminder would have liked… but i got this done before the next beat down which I feel is the goal — so that we don’t repeat activities twice in a row?  I must say, I do love that the bbreminder provides the link for easy access to do the Backblast. Sure wish I could remember everyone that was there… 48 hours was a long time ago… and Wes is already asleep so I can’t use my lifeline


Disclaimer and a mini warm up at the area formerly housing the kiosk to catch any latecomers.  Then we ran around the tennis courts (merkins or squats at each light pole) and then backwards up the hill.

The Thang:

Calves and more calves at the steps, unilateral and bilateral— Yikesies 48 hours ago and I am still having trouble walking because I went all in full range . then partner takes a lap while the other compadre does unilateral RDLs and squats… the goal was to not touch the other foot down so that you could challenge glut and intrinsic muscles of foot.  Many laps of that. then too many pull-ups and churchy frogs … followed with curls and I believe more core.  Finish with nothing else but a Superman of course


I encouraged all the men to get rest- physically, mentally, spiritually.  Get more sleep, sit down more in peace, and rely on a strength greater than anything on this earth for your heart to be rejuvenated.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

If anybody wants to talk more about that above, I am here for it.  I am bad at getting rest but constantly aiming to get better… and talking about it helps keep it on the mind.  And I love talking about jesus which is the place where I get my peace strength and joy.  Hope you guys had a great restful weekend.  Let’s go get them this week!

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