Five years at the Stone

AO: Grindstone

When: 2023-09-29

QIC: Spit Valve

PAX (4): Hail Mary, Inseam, Noodle


The combination of Fall break and Napalm's last stand meant the numbers were a little low this morning. T-claps to those that made it and it was actually a perfect way to celebrate 5 years at Grindstone since many past BDs were equally lean.


Mosey to the upper lot and perform SSH, weed pickers, good mornings and willy mays hayes in cadence. It was mentioned to the PAX that we would be working on a little Strava art this morning to celebrate the occasion.

The Thang:

Thang 1: Standing on the sidewalk by the road PAX air chaired until a car passed at which point 5 burpees were performed. After 5 cars, mosey to the light and back. Round 2 was plank followed by star jumps. Round 3 was air chair and Bonny Blairs. This completed the upper part of the 5. Thang 2: Dora to complete the middle of the 5. Partner up and complete 100 merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 squats. Thang 3: Tennis court animal suicides. Duck walk, crab walk, bear crawl, inch worm. YHC got to show off his shoulder strength during this time. Thang 4: Under the pavilion perform 10 dips, 10 derkins, 10 irkins, 10 step ups and 10 box jumps. Finish up with some balls to the wall before heading back to the flag for some Mary.


Napalm's going away party tomorrow at Cherry St Vickery. Prayers for those traveling back home this weekend. Praise for 5 years of the little AO that could.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Many thanks to the PAX that kept the lights on at Grindstone over the years... Whiz, Hushpuppy, Sculley, etc. Here's to many more years of acceleration at Grindstone!

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