IPC Week 4 – We Aren’t Professionals

AO: Academy

When: 2023-09-26

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (3): Cookie, HotSauce


YHC took the Q today because if I didn't, I wouldn't  have shown up.  The grand finale of the 2023 IronPax Challenge looked simply awful.  It wasn't.  It was fully, completely, and comprehensively  AWFUL.  Nevertheless, 3 PAX showed up, and we suffered through it together.


Quick lap around the Track to get the blood flowing.

The Thang:

Arms are too shaky to type much more, here's the link: https://f3greenwood.wordpress.com/2023/09/24/we-arent-professionals-ipc-2023-week-4/


Prayers for my Church which is going through an period of division due to a recent vote. Prayers/Praise for HotSauce and his upcoming big purchase from the Mart! Cookie I know you had a prayer too, many apologies I forgot what you said.  My brain was temporarily addled.

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