10 years of waking up early for Beatdowns

AO: Firehouse

When: 2023-09-26

QIC: Longshanks

PAX (5): Better Call Saul, Closets closets closets, Jolt, Longshanks, Seaman


10ish years ago (can’t remember if it was the last Saturday in September or first Saturday in October) YHC showed up at Walter Elisia Park in Fort Mill, SC not knowing what to expect other than I head it was a great challenging workout. 10 years later I still love the newness of each beat down no matter how many time I’ve done a Dora or Dirty McDeuce.


Small lap around the parking lot followed by 15 SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Windmills, 10 Willie Mays Hayes, and 10 Slow Merkins.

The Thang:

You vs You. Complete the exercise and run a lap. You choose small lap, medium lap, or long lap. 10 Squats 10 lunges 10 Good mornings 10 step ups 10 monkey humpers 10 calf raises 10 LBC’s 10 Flutter Kicks 10 Weezy Jefferson’s run a lap


Announcements - 2nd F this Thursday at 6:00 Prayers - those traveling over Fall Break, closets vertigo, sir mix a lot and insomnia, jolt and his job interview today, YHC and my M who is pregnant with a baby boy due March 2.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

10 years of waking up and being out with my brothers in the gloom. I’d like to say it easier now than it was 10 years ago. Waking up may be easier but as we age sometimes the body doesn’t move like it did when we’re in our mid 30’s. Reason I keep showing up. It’s not about me. It’s about the other guys in the group. It’s about your brothers. Every obstacle I’ve faced in life over the past 10 years, my brothers have always been there for me. And I for them. That’s what makes this different from just going to the gym. Nobody at the gym will hold you accountable except for yourself. Nobody at the gym is going to be there for you when you’re in your darkest moments in life. I’ve been very fortunate over the last 10 years to be around some of the most amazing PAX around. And i know it’s not just amazing PAX in Fort Mill. Or just amazing PAX in Alpharetta. Or amazing PAX in Cumming/Dawsonville. F3 is everywhere and every single PAX I’ve met that’s committed to what F3 stands for is an amazing brother you can count on. Tank you to All the Pax in my life that continue to make me a better man each day.

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