Welcoming Birmingham DR PAX to the Alpha

AO: Nirvana

When: 09/23/2023

QIC: The Real Woody

PAX (5): Special K, Quiet Oak, Hammy, Hammy Jr.


Perfect day for the BD.  Instructions given to bring a cinder, and QIC brought extras.  Stadium closed again…so had to modify accordingly.  Special K shows up 60 seconds late…disclaimer given, let’s go!


13 x SSH

13x Hillbillies

13 Toy Soldiers

Mosey (butt kicks, Carioca)

Stop at pull up bars and do a morning call.

Mosey to flag in front of MHS.

Sun Gods OYO

13 x Abe Vigodas

Ring of Fire to 13

Mosey back to flag, coupons

The Thang:

Rifle carry to the back playground (instead of baseball diamond) as we needed to get a smaller coupon for one of the younger DR PAX.

Round 1:

Start at Home Plate and lunge to 1st base: 10 Man Makers (Merkin/Thruster)

Lunge walk to 2nd base:  20 Squats

Lunge walk to 3rd base: 30 Overhead Presses

Lunge walk to home plate and do 40 Curls

Round 2:

Side Lunge with block in front/facing the fence to 1st base: 10 Man Makers

Side Lunge facing OF to 2nd base: 20 Squats

Side Lunge facing home plate to 3rd base: 30 Crossover Merkins

Side Lunge facing infield to home plate: 40 curls

Rifle carry back to flag, alternating with farmer carries.

Captain Thor



Prayers for Goose, Thrasher, and “Pop”, Hammy’s FIL who went to heaven and brought them to our AO.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a privilege to lead the men of F3.  Eliminate the BB Reminder….out.

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