Shapes Don’t Matter

AO: The Bound

When: 09/20/2023

QIC: MillerTime

PAX (11): Cookie, Ha-ha, Nacho Libre, Red Ryder (D Mack), Scampi, Training wheels, Tsunami, Yellowstone, Ant Bait, Little Foot,




Delegated to Cookie to lead a lap and then we circled up behind the Meeting & Eating bldg for warm ups.

The Thang:

White Board had a bunch of exercises I literally copied from another Q somewhere North recently.  7 of Diamonds although we couldn’t make that perfect shape, we had 4 stops on campus with moseying in between.  Each round you did the same exercise and rep number at each stop.  We had three men complete the full board – Yellowstone, Scampi and Nacho!  The Q walked.  Lots of chatter about those Windshield wipers


Welcome to DR visitor Ant Bait from Charlotte
Prayers for Training Wheels M’s recovery and Little Foots improved relationships
Breakfast at the Bound this Saturday sponsored by Da’ Hooch

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Although the numbers are getting very low, the faithful men of NLB continue to post

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