Fiery Suicides

AO: Galaxy

When: 09/19/2023

QIC: Fenway

PAX (12): AOC, Fenway, Forest, Jorts, Marcia, Mitt, New Coke, Percy, Skol, Spirit Fingers, Wideright, Woody


Warm up in parking lot
– Side straddle hops
– Weedpickers
– Toy soldiers
– Moroccan night clubs
– Abe vigodas

The Thang:

Under a crisp morning sky, the PAX came together with determination burning in their eyes, ready to tackle a series of punishing suicide drills guaranteed to push limits and build camaraderie. We kicked off the day with bear crawl suicides: men hit the ground, bear crawling out with intensity and crawl bearing back, pausing at each line to execute escalating sets of merkins, which included 5, then 10, then a brutal 15. Without skipping a beat, Cusac suicides were the next challenge. As the weight of the coupon was felt, we sprinted out and back, squeezing in sets of curls that grew from 10 to 20, then maxing out at 30 reps.

With legs now screaming for mercy, we transitioned into lunge walk suicides. Each man lunged forward, feeling the stretch and burn, but at each line, they paused to engage in the cheeky, yet challenging monkey humpers. 15 to start, then 30, and if that wasn’t enough, a whopping 45 to finish. Then, as a nod to our classic cardio roots, we brought in the high knees out, and butt kickers back suicide routine. Each line was met with an increase in squats, starting from 10 and climbing to 20 and 30. To wrap up this gut-busting workout, the PAX went all out with a mosey out, only to push their limits with Bernie Sanders back in the suicides. Sweat-drenched and gasping for breath, there was no denying the sense of accomplishment radiating from each man. Another day, another challenge conquered in the world of F3.

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