Dora and Whatnot

AO: Badapple

When: 09/18/2023

QIC: Thud

PAX (7): Avis, goat, Rusty, Sell-out, Spider, The_OG Zima, Thud


20 of each in cadence: Side straddle hops, hillbillies, copperhead squats, copperhead mercans, mountain climbers.

High/Low Plank

Circle of Coupon

As I always do before hitting the coupons hard, I worked the coupons into second half of warmup. 7 PAX Circle up with 2 kettlebells. Man with kettlebell does reps then passes it to next man in the circle. When you do not have kettlebell you are doing the exercise the Q has called out:

10 Curls then hillbillies 2x round circle

20 overhead press then Side straddle hops 2x round circle

20 skull crushers then WWI’s 2x round circle


The Thang:

Partner up for a Dora:

100 Curls

200 WWI’s

300 Kettlebell swings

Due to the glorious timing and planning on the part of your humble Q we had just enough time at the end of the Dora to make a victory lap together.

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