On Top of The Table & Dreaming

AO: Windjammer

When: 09/15/2023

QIC: Walkie Talkie

PAX (11): Caroline, Cox, False Start, Funyun, Maytag AI, Mounty, NRA, Sparkie, uga, Walkie Talkie, Einstein


“He wakes up in the morning, does his teeth, bite to eat, and he’s rolling” Yes it was time for a Dave Matthews Band tribute. So “take these chances”, “What Would You Say?” Let’s go!


Mosey to the Dam for some Dam SSH, Hillbillies, Weedpickers, MillyMaysHayes, Merkins, ArmCircles & MichaelPhelps. Mosey back to the parking lot where Q had a circuit ready.

The Thang:

Yes, we listed to The Best Of What’s Around and introduced The Merkin Table. We jammed like Jammers do rotated through a seven-station circuit:

  1. The Merkin Table – 5 Decline Merkins per side while working around the 4 sides of table. Some said it was Too Much
  2. Jump Rope – get after it for a minute
  3. Dumbells – as many curls as you can (25lb dumbbells)
  4. Squats
  5. Coupons – mixup of overhead press, bent over rows, & skull crushers
  6. LBCs –
  7. Chair Dips

We wove in some laps & paused on What Would You Say for Group Lunges & THREE burpees on “Would You Say?” Don’t drop the big one!

We brought it home with a High Plank Circle Mark to 100 – hold high plank and each pax does 1 merkin until the group gets to 100. There was a nice sprinkle by this point. “Funny The Way It Is”. Nice work!


Prayers for missing/traveling Pax. Thank’s for all the prayers (past & future) for Jen’s eye; all is good but vision will slowly improve over the next 4-5 weeks. Congrats to the Pax who accomplished BRR. Prayers for Cookie tomorrow as he runs Mind Freak.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

“Turns out not where but who you’re with that really matters”

Funyun shared a humorous truth nugget of “Don’t forget to read the label!” Sound advice.

More Truth: One of my favorite DMB lyrics is from Grey Street, “I dream myself a thousand times around the world, but I can’t get out of this place.” Let this be a reminder that if you are dreaming about something and feel stuck, get unstuck! If you’re addicted to something, and feel stuck, ask for help. ┬áIf there’s something you want to do and aren’t doing it, take a step in that direction. If you “can’t see the light, have so much to say!” Let’s lean on and rely on each other for help as we’re all struggling with and striving for something.

Always a pleasure to lead. Walkie Out.

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