Starting position move, you’re in it!

AO: Galaxy

When: 09/12/2023

QIC: Fenway

PAX (10): Fenway, Fireball, Jorts, Marcia, Mitt, New Coke, Percy, Sparky, Wideright, Woody


Dynamic warmup lap around track, alternating mosey with:

  • Lateral strides
  • Super Mario’s
  • Butt kickers

Arm circles and ankle rolls in the pavillion.

The Thang:

3 sets of excercises requiring minimal bodily transitions. Wait for 6 between rounds. Increment by 5 each round. Rinse and repeat (start 5/10/15, then 10/15/20, then 15/20/25…)

  • Merkins, shoulder taps, plank jacks, mountain climbers
  • Step ups, copperhead squats, lunges, imperial walkers
  • Leg lifts, Freddy Mercuries, heals to heaven, Flutter kicks

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