Never Forget

AO: Grindstone

When: 09/11/2023

QIC: Whiz

PAX (8): Corn Dog, Hail Mary, Inseam, jugdish, Noodle, Snowman, Spit Valve, Whiz


YHC had a couple of ideas for this Q but when I realized what the date was, I decided to pivot to something more fitting.

Cooler temps this morning but the dew point still left the gloom feeling moist and steamy.


lap around the back and circle up for SSH, weed picker, imperial walker, Moroccan nightclub, and michael phelps IC.

The Thang:

Most of the PAX had already acknowledged the occasion prior to the Thang.  22 years ago and it seems like just yesterday in some ways.

Thang 1:

When the attack happened, it felt very surreal and apocalyptic so we started with a burpee apocalypse to recreate the feeling.

Thang 2:

We remembered all the heroes who sacrificed their lives trying to rescue others from the buildings that day.  There was a wall of american flags by the office that served as the perfect home base for our next routine.

9/11 routine – 11 reps of 9 different exercises in groups of 3

1 – big boy situps

2 – jump squats

3 – hand release merkins

run up and down 3 sets of stairs after each set to honor the fallen

Back to the flag for a bit of mary until time.


Prayers for Noodle and his M as they navigate life with a toddler and infant.  Prayers for Jugdish as he contemplates career choices and seeks guidance from our heavenly father.

Prayers for our nation to remember that our freedom to bicker and argue over issues is one of the reasons our nation is so great.  Let us never forget what happened on 9/11 and that there is evil in this world that would love to see this country torn apart from the inside out.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

United we stand.

Also, T-Claps to Hail Mary for the patriotic outfit this morning.  Loved it.

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