Solo Speed Work

AO: Academy

When: 09/05/2023

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (1): lumbergh


Pax turning labor day into an extra day off. Looks like it will be a solo venture. As I slept in a strange bed all weekend and was a little sore I was not about to take on IPC alone with no proctor. So it’s time I get back to Academy form with some speed work.

The Thang:

Hit the track for the following:

400 m – 200 m recover
400 m – 100 m recover and some mercans and lbcs to catch my breath

800 m – 400 m recover
800 m – 400 m recover grab a rock for a couple rounds of colt 45 and additional core work

800 m – 400 m recover
800 m – 200 m recover followed by dips and uercans at the stadium steps

400 m – 200 m recover
400 m – 200 m recover that hit at time exactly



I always question if I would truly challenge myself in the event I am the only pax and happily proved that the drive is there. Even when I approached 45 minutes and thought “that could be enough” I felt the fellow pax of Alpha push me through to make sure I get the full Academy hour.

I was at sub 8 for every single run segment and often at sub 7 even which was shocking to see but felt great. Gotta keep at it.

Let’s get together tomorrow for IPC

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead even when the one pax tries to make excuses to the Q

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