AO: Galaxy

When: 09/05/2023

QIC: Tweaker

PAX (12): Drain Hole, Fenway, Forrest, Jorts, Marcia, McLovin (Amir Oren), Mitt, Sparky, Spirit Fingers, Tweaker, Wideright, Woody


With this weekends death of Jimmy Buffett QIC decided on a Parrothead themed BD


  • Armcircles
  • Don Quixotes
  • SSH
  • Weedpickers
  • Hillbillies
  • Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

This was a BD ran by SecondsPro

  • 1:00 (Burpees, Step Ups ) – Volcano
  • 1:30 (Groiners, Table Tops, Dips ) – Come Monday
  • 2:00 (Kung Flus,Bonnie Blairs, Derkins, Merkins) – Son of a son of a sailor
  • 2:30 (Donkey Kicks, Copper Head Squats, Crab Cakes, Hand Release Merkins, WWII) – Cheeseburger in Paradise
  • 3:00 (No Surrenders, Squat Spins, Dive Bombers, Peter Parkers, X Factors, Stone Mountains) – Changes in Latitudes
  • 3:30 (Burpees, Stepups, Dips, Werkins, Mountain Climbers, Shoulder Taps, Calve Raises ) – Fins
  • 4:00 (Groiners, Table Tops, Derkins, Merkins, WWII, Plank, Smurf Jacks, Up up down Down ) -Margaritaville
  • 4:30 (Kung Flus, Bonnie Blairs, Crab Cakes, Hand Release Merkins, X Factors, Stone Mountains, Side Strattle Hop, V-Ups, Sprawl Spins ) – God’s own drunk
  • 4:00 (Donkey Kicks, Copper Head Squats, Dive Bombers, Peter Parkers, Mountain Climbers, Shoulder Taps, Calve Raises, Fire Hydrants) – The weather is here, wish you were beautiful
  • 3:30 (No Surrenders, Squat Spins, Dips, Werkins, WWII, Plank, Smurf Jacks ) – Livingston Saturday Night
  • 3:00 (Burpees, Step Ups, Derkins, Merkins, X Factors, Stone Mountains ) – Boat Drinks
  • 2:30 (Groiners, Table Tops, Crab Cakes, Hand Release Merkins, Mountain Climbers ) – Pencil Thin Mustache
  • 2:00 (Kung Flus, Bonnie Blairs, Dive Bombers, Peter Parkers) – A Pirate looks at forty
  • 1:30 (Donkey Kicks, Copper Head Squats, Dips ) – Brown Eyed Girl
  • 1:00 (No Surrenders, Squat Spins ) – Why don’t we get drunk




QIC off to the Nordics until the 18th

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