Mayflower’s Football Combine ’23

AO: Windjammer

When: 09/01/2023

QIC: Mayflower

PAX (10): Caroline, Cookie, False Start, Mayflower, Mounty, Nair, Sparkie, Townie, uga, Einstein (2.0)


Strong football combine talk to fire up the team in the huddle.  It was noted that Mayflower was dedicating the Mayflower Football Combine beatdown to his daughter, who turns “Sweet 16” this weekend.  There was also a mention of a fake 1st full year F3 anniversary in play.


Jog to damn.

16 movements 16 reps each movement

(It was noted by the group that the warm-up lasted 16 minutes)

The Thang:

Football Combine

PAX split into two teams of 5

D-Backs Segment

D-Back shuttles

10 yd, 40 yd, 100 yd sprints 4x each staged as 1v1 races between team 1 and team 2 – start was on a football snap cadence – loser for each sprint did a burpee

Short lap for recovery

O-Line Segment

Three point stance.  On snap shuffle feet and make 5 blocks with a 10 lb coupon (4x reps)

Arm curls

Short lap (recovery)

D-Line Segment

Jump squats

Push presses (overhead)

Short lap (recovery)

QB-Skills Segment

Teams of two.  QB and Receiver.  Fly route with a ball.  QB throws Receiver catches. Any drop is burpees

To the great sadness of all assembled, we ran out of time in the skills segment.  At the time we had to halt we were hitting about 20% of our passes.  Thinking we need to run this back and get to the skills segment a bit earlier and perhaps shorten the warm-up.

Everyone had a good time.  No injuries were recorded.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good fun.  Lots of sweat.  I felt the sprints and the O-Line work the next morning.  We’ll run this one back and improve upon it!

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