Newer PAXs tossed in the Deep in with a SK BD

AO: Starting Line

When: 08/23/2023

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (7): Aunt May, DDoS, Janeway, Jolt, Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Suarez


The plan for the morning was to introduce Jolt and Aunt May, to a Script Kiddie BeatDown and so I wanted to Ease them into what I give the rest of the PAX…. Yeah Right, if you are going to learn to swim the best way is to dive in the deep in and go from there. So I planned accordingly

Another Hot and humid morning with PreRuck made up of DDoS and Script Kiddie.  Once back the pavilion it was time to start the mosey, but… I had asked the PAX to bring their Rucks so it was time for a short ruck run,  past the normal spot and to the base of the stairs


Ruck ran to the Stairs then started the warm up

No SSHs with the rucks on
Good mornings
Copperhead squats
Willy Mays Hayes
Moroccan Night clubs were done
May have been others but I cannot recall anymore
At the end I had to address some technical difficulties with the Bluetooth so I had them do Michael Phelps OYO  and that allowed Suarez, who rolled in a bit late to join the fun
Now on to the Events O the day

The Thang:

First Thang
Climb Mt Everest
Each step you do one calf raise till you got to the large landing then do 4 No Surrenders
Then continue to the top doing calf raises at each step till you get to the top and do 4 more No Surrenders.
Thang 1 done

Ruck Run to the area near the school that has the step ups to get ready for the next Thang

Thang 2
We were going to 11
Start with 10 quick and “easy” Man Makers, left the Ruck behind,  then head up the large steps or regular steps as the BD continued more PAX, me included, used the regular steps
At the top 1 Crab humpers
Continued to decrees the Man Maker count and increase the Crab humpers till the lls were done.
With that done it was time to take the long ruck/no running involved this time back towards the pavilion, stopping at the midpoint/landing of the steps going down and turned around to do a mini Mt Everest (calf raises back to the top of the steps) to pickup the 6
Once back at the Pavilion we had time for a bit o’Mary

Suarez called Control Mercans
SirMixalot added in Alabama Ass Kickers
DDoS finished us up with some flutter kicks.

Well done to all the HIM that finished the BD!


Darth Visor BD 630AM at Fowler Park/Starting Line will be open with Janeway taking the Q
Iron PAX challenge coming up so let’s get ready for that.

Suaraez, family health concerns
Script Kiddie – Pray for Leah, my oldest 2.0 due to issues with her elevated heart rate.

Acceleration Point
Simply work on being an example since we are the model our kids will follow and sometimes owning our failures can teach the 2.0s more than just showing them our highlight reals.

End in pray and on to coffee

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I and a few other PAX had to leave soon after the BD, and sadly my phone was not working correctly so no pics from today’s festivities, the newer PAX Jolt and Aunt May did a great job as well as everyone else.

Blessed by the HIM around me that push me to be better

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