Surprise! It’s a twist!

AO: Academy

When: 08/22/2023

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (5): Cookie, HotSauce, Mayhem, Stu


Starting the hype early on Saturday and tossing clues out but apparently difficult enough that nobody saw the twisted surprise coming today. I guess that is kind of the point. A pleasant surprise to see Stu pull in. he is opting for his own workout that seemed to focus on stairs as part of his training for rim to rim. We will catch up with him later.

The Thang:

Off we went at a steady jog. I don’t think I can name everything again as it was all done on the fly but the highlights are:

  • A mucho chesto around the graveyard (since the idea of death was the first guess at theming)
  • Burpees at every mile marker
  • Swercans
  • A drop in on Rubicon folks to mess up their dora counts
  • Pullups and a perfectly timed flutter kick round where we caught the ISS flying over on a clear morning. (Good eye Mayhem)
  • Mountain Climbers for the Goats who thought we were there to bring them food. Sorry kids.
  • Stadium steps and dercans
  • Nearly 4 miles total
  • Great mumblechatter on all things.


Prayers for our fellow pax

Hit up Darth Visor this weekend

IPC coming up, tell your friends Academy is the place

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead you around town

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