Carry your package

AO: Grindstone

When: 08/21/2023

QIC: Spit Valve

PAX (6): Corn Dog, Hail Mary, Henley, jugdish, Safety Net


With Package celebrating his VQ across town at Black Water, we had a little lighter crowd but were able to honor our brother from afar. This workout featured cinder / coupon (package) carries throughout.


Quick mosey around the parking lot and then back to the flag to pick up Hail Mary who was ever so slightly late. Warmups included SSH, Good Mornings, Hillbillies and Michael Phelps while the plan for the Thang was explained.

The Thang:

PAX grabbed a cinder or coupon and headed to the goal line of the turf field. From there we did murder bunnies for 10 yards at a time and completed the # of reps corresponding to the yard line. After reps were complete we moseyed back to the goal line and performed 5 wolverines each time. On round 2 we moseyed to the 10, murder bunnied to the 20, performed 20 reps and so on. Jugdish showed up around this time carrying his cinder from his house and joined in. Beast. Exercises were as follows:

10 – Skull Crushers

20 – Overhead Press

30 – Curls

40 – Swings

50 – Squats with cinder/coupon

After 50 yards we switched to 5 burpees per round and continued all the way down to the other end zone.

At this point we did a round of 4 corners together with 20 reps at each corner of big boys, LBCs, Plank Jacks and Peter Parkers. We then did a rifle carry back to the flag for a couple rounds of Mary.


Prayers for cancer treatment, church discernment and praises for a grandchild about to be born.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Welcome back Henley and Safety Net! These double respect guys showed for the first time on Friday and came back for more on Monday. Both workouts were not “easy” yet they hung right there with us throughout. I’m impressed and inspired already by their presence.

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