The Quest for New Management….and a New Name

AO: Widowmaker

When: 08/19/2023

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (29): Birdie, Cox, DeLorean, Feathers, Funyun, Ha-ha, Knight Rider, Mayflower, Meatball, NRA, Potter (Matt Rowand), Roundup, Scrooge, Skip-pe, Sparky, Speedo, Sunshine, TMI, TURK, Walkie Talkie, Jolly Rancher, G-String, Corner Kick, 2.0's Slash and Wheels, FNG's McKenroe, Screen Slayer, and Flat Tire (Welcome!)


Many things to unpack this morning; 1) A site Q transition (more on that later); 2) An AO name change (more on that later as well); 3) a multitude of HIMs that grew as the beatown progressed; 4) A quest theme to tie the whole thing together. Given we started out with 1 FNG, a full disclosure was given (although due to our motivating yet slovenly appearance and Roundup’s King Arthur impersonation, we got 2 more FNG’s to join us). And then off we went……


With a quest theme in play, we started with 10 each of:

Filth pickers (weedpickers, except we were picking up some lovely filth)

Shrubber’s claps (overhead claps in the motion of trimming a shrubbery)

Wooden badger pushes (windmills, which would be similar to the motion of pushing a large wooden badger)

Dismounts (hillbillies, which are the same motion as getting off an air horse)

Side straddle hops (sorry, no frivolity here).

And mosey over to the BFH

The Thang:

  1. French Knight insults: Once arriving at the top of the BFH/Widowmaker, pax conducted an alpha count lunge walk, hand release mercan, and a jump squat. Increment by 1 for each exercise, up through 10. Mosey to the bottom, Mary for the 6
  2. Pass by the Knights of Ni and the 3-Headed Knight – 11’s, starting at the traffic stripe, run to the top of the guardrail, conduct 10 downhill plank jacks. Each time passing through the traffic stripe, conduct 3 3-headed knight burpees as a toll (ok, a Kracken burpee, dropped after passing the 6th round to preserve time). Continue to the trailhead, conduct 1 Ranger Mercan. After completion, Mary for the 6.
  3. Queue the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch – at the bottom of the hill, pax conduct 1 wide grip mercan, 1 gorilla humper (wide-stance monkey humper), and 1 inch bunny (and inch worm with a murder bunny at the end, without the coupon). Work up to 5 of each exercise, then Bernie Sanders to the top of the hill (this is where we picked up 2 more FNG’s).  Mosey to the flag
  4. Pass through the gate, and answer the difficult question – Each pax passed through the gate, shouted out their favorite color, then ran to the center of the field. Pax conducted Carolina Drydocks until all were at the center. Pax then did 5 more Mercans
  5. Mary – pax conducted pickle pounders, low plank, American Hammers, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Gas Pumpers, and then more low planks…..AND THAT WAS TIME


  1. IPC is fast coming – Mondays at Hooch, Tuesdays at Gladiator, Fridays at Boneyard
  2. Darth Visor CSAUP – 8/26 at Fowler Park
  3. Parks for peace and praises for the Men of The Alpha and thanks for Cox’s leadership and the leadership to come from DeLorean and Turk.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Quite a morning, and a culmination of much debate, but also the passing of the torch. With a new name that still pays homage to the original, we move forward together, continuing to get stronger, and as shown today, constantly looking out for those who need us. YHC is grateful to our Nantans (past and present) and to our site Q’s for their leadership. Until we sweat again……

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