All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

AO: Nirvana

When: 08/19/2023

QIC: Dosido

PAX (4): Dosido, Padre, Shortcake, Sweeper


At first, I struggled making a 40min plan difficult enough to earn some play time for the remaining 20min, but after some deep thought, the evil genius hidden within us all revealed the perfect, awful plan. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a proverb that means without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring. Well, we can’t have that now, can we? so today we’ll work hard and earn a little time off for fun and games.


This would require a decent warmup to get the heartrate pumping quickly so we jogged, stopped for 15 SSH (IC), jogged some more, stopped for 12 weedpickers (IC), jogged some more, stopped for slow 3-count ‘merkans x 12, jogged again then did 12 slow 3-count squats (IC), mosey one last bit to the start of a pretty terrible, but totally fun and awesome ~25minute circuit at the NWMS drop-off circle at their main entrance

The Thang:

Well, whadya know, someone left 4 cinders at the start just perfect for the 4 PAX eager to start something hard. The circle was our clock. working off that theme, there are 12hrs on a clock. Based on the tried-and-true 11’s format, we did 12’s instead. At the cinders (6 o’clock spot) perform 1 blockie, jog to the opposite half (12 o’clock spot) perform 11 ‘merkans (12reps total at all times). Continue running the clock increasing the blockies and decreasing the ‘merkans 1 at a time until flip flopped at 11 blockies, 1 ‘merkan. ugh. That was, fun.

Next, seeing we had 8-9mins left before “game time”, we mosey’ed to the top of the stairs leading down to the MHS pull-up bars. Partner up. Based on another tried-and-true f3 format called DORA, PAX A runs down for 5 pull-ups while PAX B starts on the 100 shared IC Freddy Merc’s. Repeat until 100 IC F.M. reps completed.

QIC had teased on Slack a game would be played, so it had to be delivered on. Mosey back to the flag, grab the ‘ole pigskin, Bluetooth connect to the biggest damn Bose wireless boombox I’ve ever seen (thank you Sweeper), and head for the open field for some good old fashioned two-on-two touch football!

Needless to say – the wet field, freshly cut grass clippings, and the obvious lack of properly cleated footwear, PAX learned quickly and painfully one cannot “cut” or “juke” to get open on this field. Creativity abounded, with several questionable but allowable forward, sideways, and backwards laterals just to make some headway on the field. ESPN would proudly air several of the plays that ensued; in particular the highlight of the game, a wild one handed “helmet-type” sideline catch by Padre, in tight coverage, then accelerated cross-field with all his heart to lose his cover and score a dramatic touchdown. Dosi/Sweeper (the Good guys) led Padre/Shortcake (the Bad guys) by 1 TD with 59s remaining. The Bad guys were driving to tie it up, it all hinged on the final two plays of the game. The first play ended in an incomplete pass. 30s remain, time for one final hail Mary for all the glory tying the game would bring. The hike, the route, the quarter-backs eyes darting left and right, the receiver making the roundest cuts you’ve ever seen just to stay on his feet, the throw, it’s high, looks OK, coverage falls back just a tad, it’s all up the receiver to run it down…but…thunk! sorry to say another incomplete pass giving the Good guys the victory on the day!

Game called with 1min to spare, mosey back to flag just at 8am.




Prayers for illnesses and recovery were mentioned, everyone shared something, and I’m sure there are things that went unmentioned as well.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

always an honor to lead these men. Today we worked hard and had some fun. Can’t wait till next week when we meet again.

Dosi out

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