Sober with Bernie!

AO: Halo

When: 08/16/2023

QIC: Wideright

PAX (11): Compost, Fannie, Fenway, Fondue Guy, Forrest, Hitch, Jorts, Marcia, Skol, Tweaker, Wideright


Disclaimer and warmup

Stretches and slow mosey to parking lot

The Thang:

Bernie to 1st line 5 reps and run back, Bernie to 2nd line 10 reps and return, Bernie to 3rd line 15 reps and then return, down the ladder and mary for the 6.

rd1- LBC’s

Rd2- Squats

Rd3- Star jumps

Rd4- kung flus

rd5- Donkey Kicks

mosey to flag for time!


Yearn brother Noah – back surgery and healing for injuries.

Steamer traveling and for his mom!

nelson family

Uncle 7.2 and cousin Alan, addiction and strength

buddy healing

4 years of sobriety for me!!!!

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