Moving and Grooving

AO: Rubicon

When: 08/17/2023

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (11): Avis, Caffey, Cookie, Devito, FannyPack, Focker, Groundhog, Lil Hurt, Red Ryder (D Mack), Trebek


As our wonderful site Q is good to do he tagged me as someone who had Q for Thursday. With a busy travel week where I spent too much time line dancing (i.e. 5 minutes total), I did not have much time to do proper planning. That’s okay. It’s a testament to what you can do to fill 45 minutes.


Head to the big flag but NO, let’s change it up and head back around the block for some SSH, WP, IW, arm stuff.

The Thang:

1st stop is at the playground for a round of 7’s with pullups and mountain climbers across the bridge. Wall sit for the six plus an extra minute while I think of where to go next.

2nd stop is rock pile and down to FOD. Around the bases that I can easily name which is which for escalating: 10 curls starting at home, 10 curls, 10 oh press at first, add skull crushers, and then add rows. Back to the pentagon base for burpees for the six.

one more round with escalating core work, LBCs, JLos, E2K, and Freddy.

I teased line dancing and had the conundrum…is it worse if I make everyone do it or if I back out of the idea. Let’s give it a go. TheĀ  moves are:
Right lunge, 2 squats, a burpee and on the leap you turn to the right with a clap. Four times so we are facing front again
Then Left lunge, Two forward lunges, 3 mercans, and a jump squat with a turn to the left. All the wsy around.
We repeat the whole sequence again for the golf cart guy and head up to the cheese grater.

4th stop for a mini suicide. 10 Mercans at first island, 10 Big Boys at the second, 10 burpees at the third and repeat each time you pass the island on the way out. (That’s about the most concise way to say it)

Back to the flag for some flutters and static holds for a full 45 min.


Darth Visor coming up

Iron Pax at Academy coming up

Moves coming up (booooo)

And a great reminder at the ease that sad clown can settle in whether it be injury, work, or fart sacking. The routine we have all made is key to starting strong and carrying it through the day.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead and make it up as I go.

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