Farting around with Fartleks

AO: Cropduster

When: 08/17/2023

QIC: BallBoy

PAX (8): Angus, Animal, BallBoy, Popper (Dan Richard), Saint2O, Spackle, Sunshine, Tenderfoot


3 PAX for a pre-run (1 for pre-pre I believe, Animal?)


Light stretch if you got there on time

The Thang:

Out-and-back south on Buice past the water facility, fartlek style.

  • 5 minutes easy pace
  • 1 minute fast pace
  • Pick up the Six
  • Repeat

We turned around at the 22 minute mark which put us at Spruill Rd. Most of the sprints were downhill (by design of course) so it all worked out nicely and we got our heart rates up a bit! Great work gentlemen!


Prayers for possible downsizing and job searches. Widowmaker renaming Saturday, Darth Visor CSAUP next Saturday.

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