Just say Uncle

AO: Black Water

When: 08/14/2023

QIC: Baskins

PAX (7): Baskins, Mr. Hand, Package, Samsonite, Schneider, Snake, Wet Bandit


I forgot my speaker so mumble chatter will have to do.


Willie Mays Hays

Moroccan night clubs


calf stretchs


The Thang:

A new variant of the mercin mile. Pax mosey around a 1/2 mile course. Q says drop and we begin mercins.  When PAX has had enough someone screams “Unlce” and we stop and mosey.  We did this for 1/2 mile then switched to squats in the same format.  All you have to do is say uncle and the pain stops…


Elevator with high knee step ups, and dips increasing by 5 on the way up the theatre.  Urkins decending by 5 on the way down.

Grab a coupon 1o reps, each PAX calls an exercise.

3 Min of Mary





Prayers for Schneiders mom, The Proxys Mom, Baskins Co worker as they navigate health challenges.

Darth Visor 8/26

Hit up Valley Girl if you want to do SMR. Mr. Hand is pumped about the 6 man option.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead.  I am so proud/happy to have my cousin, Wet Bandit, in the gloom with us.  Love you guys, keep accelerating.

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