Glen Abbey to Tuxford

AO: Cropduster

When: 08/11/2023

QIC: Angus

PAX (6): Angus, Animal, BallBoy, Maguire, Tenderfoot, TURK

The Thang:

Climbed the hill towards Kimball bridge and hung a right.  Continue down kimbal Bridge Road, and took a right into the first entrance of Glen Abbey. Continue to the right until we see the parking lot and the tennis court area. Hit the tennis court sidewalk onto the trail behind the tennis court following the powerlines. Get off road and run that trail until you reach the other side of Glen Abbey neighborhood. Make a left and then follow that to the stop sign and make a left on Glen Abbey Drive. follow Glen Abbey Drive until we exit the main entrance of Glen Abbey. Crossover kimbal Bridge to tuxford neighborhood. Follow tuxford in the horseshoe back to kimbal Bridge. Head back towards buice on kimbal Bridge make a right on buice to Ocee park.  One loop around the track and we are done.

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