Barbie and Oppenheimer at the Widowmaker

AO: Widowmaker

When: 08/12/2023

QIC: Zohan

PAX (14): Cox, defcon2, DeLorean, Ha-ha, Mater, Roundup, ShuttleCock, Skip-pe, Zohan, Wheels, Github, Jolly Rancher, Corner Kick [FNG], G String [FNG]


I had 2 alarms set at 5 something to make it for the Pre-ruck. Woke up all of a sudden at 6:39am. Really happy I made it on time for the Q (though I missed the Pre-Ruck). It would have been humiliating, and I know that from experience.


12 men, one of them FNG, started the beatdown at 7am sharp. Mosey in the parking lot, down the stairs and into the soccer field. Circle up for SSH, Good Mornings, Hillbillies, Moroccan Night Clubs. Maybe Weed Pickers? Not sure.

The Thang:

I’ve decided to join in the current craze and celebrate Barbie and Oppenheimer. We did not wear pink and we did not come in full suites. We did Burpees instead.



Remain in the circle as the warmup. Barbie’s heels do not touch the floor, so we also raised our heel. YHC called for Ballerinas – Toe Squats (Note: during the beatdown I called these Baryshnikov Squats, but that’s actually a different exercise). Started playing Aerosmith’s Pink and we did a Burpee every time they said “Pink”. Which was quite a few time. Going back to Toe Squats after the Burpees was extra fun.



Split into groups of 3s. 4s are also ok. One PAX starts at one end of the soccer field and Bear Crawls toward the center. One PAX runs to the other end of the field and Crab Walks toward the center. The third PAX runs back and forth between them till all 3 meet (doesn’t have to be at the center of the field). Then rotate rolls again and a 3rd time.

There was some confusion to divide the groups since one PAX disappeared for a moment and then another came in late. However, groups were formed and PAX enjoyed the turf, which was just slightly dryer than the air (99% humidity).


We moseyed to the Widowmaker to do some BOMBS. Not just any BOMBS. The A-BOMBS.

BOMBS stands for Burpee, Overhead Press (aka Air Press), Merkin, Big Boys and Squats. Start with 1 of each at the top of the Widowmaker, 2 of each at the manhole, 3 of each down the hill, 4 back in the middle, 5 at the top and then a second round going down and back up the hill, finishing with 9 of each at the top. The “A” – always do 10 American Hammers alpha count at each stop.

Along the way Roundup and Cox EHed a bike rider we saw several Saturdays, and he joined us!

The counts of 1-2-3-…-9 add up to 45 (I celebrated 45 this Wednesday).


Crawl-Walk-RunĀ  – the original plan was to do another round of Crawl Walk Run on the hill. However, we did not have enough time for that (when I shared it the PAX were clearly disappointed, but did their best to hide it).

Instead we picked up a coupon for Colt 45 (15 top-half curls, 15 bottom-half curls and 15 full curls), returned the coupon. OYO 45 Monkey Humpers and 45 LBCs.

Indian Run back to the soccer field for a quick Mary. Dollies and E2Ks (Elbow to Knee, also known as oblique). YHC wanted to demonstrate Bird Dogs, but we run out of time.



One FNG named Corner Kick for his love of Soccer. The other, which we picked up along the way, called G-String – he’s a music teacher.

Prayers for Mater, dealing with health issues. defcon2 about to start a new job. My uncle at the hospital, not sure yet what’s going on with him.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you for celebrating with me, not just this week but this whole year and those before. Truly appreciate the men in this region!!

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