Cover Song Trivia

AO: Rubicon

When: 08/10/2023

QIC: Cookie

PAX (14): Avis, Caffey, Cookie, Devito, FannyPack, Flash (DR - City of Saint Louis), Lil Hurt, lumbergh, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Shazam, Special K, Walkie Talkie, Shark Bait (DR)


With the popularity of recent cover songs like Fast Car and Wagon Wheel, YHC wanted to try a little game of Cover Song Trivia. With the thought of Shazam being in attendance, I had to be clever on how to make things not so easy for him. 5:30am struck and 12 PAX set off for the beatdown while 2 runners hit the road.


Normal warmup routine

The Thang:

Count off 1, 2, 1, 2, etc.  1’s grab a coupon and meet over in the pool parking lot next to YHC’s car.

Now that we were divided into 2 teams, rules of the game were explained. YHC would play a cover song, each team would try to guess the original artist and name of the song. The kicker is that this part was only for the tiebreaker. The thing that mattered was the year of the original. The team with the closest answer was the “winner” for that round and so they got an easier exercise whilst the “loser” got a hard exercise like burpees or overhead press with coupon, etc.  AMRAP for 1 minute, then take a lap and start all over. After about 10 songs, YHC cut out the talking and the laps and forced the PAX to do the loser version of each to ensure we all got our sweat on.

The playlist consisted of lots of my favorite covers or even favorite artists, or sometimes both.


Gin and Juice / Gourds

  • Snoop Dogg 1993

All Along the Watchtower / Hendrix

  • Dylan 1967

I will survive / Cake

  • Gloria Gaynor 1978

Fast Car / Luke Combs

  • Tracy Chapman 1988

Lake of Fire (Live Acoustic) / Nirvana

  • Meat Puppets 1984

Jolene / Zac Brown Band

  • Ray Lamontagne 2004

Last Kiss / Pearl Jam

  • Wayne Cochran 1961

No Woman, No Cry / Wyclef Jean

  • Bob Marley 1974

It’s a Great Day to Be Alive / Travis Tritt

  • Darrell Scott 1997

The Maker / Dave Matthews Band

  • Daniel Lanois 1989

Cover Me Up / Morgan Wallen

  • Jason Isbell 2013

Southern Cross / Jimmy Buffett

  • Crosby Stills & Nash 1982

Walls / The Lumineers

  • Petty 1996

In Bloom / Sturgill Simpson

  • Nirvana 1992

The Boys Of Summer / The Ataris

  • Don Henley 1984

Oh My Sweet Carolina  Zac Brown…

  • Ryan Adams 2000

Wonderwall / Ryan Adams

  • Oasis 1995


LOSER          /           Winner

Burpees                                Mtn Climbers

Overhead Press                  Plank Jacks

Diamond Merkin                LBC

Bonnie Blair                         Curls

Skull Crusher                       Lunge

Mike Tyson                          Imperial Walker

Monkey Humper                Low plank

Star Jumps                           Squats

Wide Merkin                       Flutter

Burpees                                Big Boy Situps

Merkin                                  Curls

Squat w/Coupon                SSH

Thruster                                Dolly

Hand Release Merkin        E2K

Bonnie                                   Squats

Burpees                                Rows

Overhead Press                  Lunge




Great group today. 14 total PAX, 2 runners and 2 downrangers. Welcome Shark Bait from NC and Flash from St Louis.

Lots of prayers were spoken. A couple events coming up such as the QUAD and DARTH events.

Millertime shared a TNT over coffee about the need for humans to have a variety of exercise in their life, longevity and more.

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