Readymix’ 52 Birthday Beatdown

AO: The Hooch

When: 08/08/2023

QIC: PuffDaddy

PAX (28): Angus, Animal, BallBoy, Birdie, Chesapeake, Crab Cake, Dinghy, Feathers, HIPAA, Humperdinck, Maguire, McCracken, Meatball, Mid-riff, Popper (Dan Richard), Potter (Matt Rowand), PuffDaddy, Ready-Mix (F3), Saint2O, Scrooge, Spackle, Splinter, Sunshine, Tightrope, TURK, Wolverine, Y2K, Zima


The pax looked for a way to remember Readymix for his 52nd birthday. Q also did research and found that his first post at F3 was right after his 47th birthday.


After the disclosure and highlight of “Readymix’s birthday/anniversary beatdown,” the Q and Pax got to work.

A quick mosey over to C’est la vie. We circled up, and did weed-pickers, imperial-walkers, forward and reverse arm-circles, then 52 SSHs to commemorate the birthday.

From there, a quick mosey, to homers donut where we did a lap of bear crawls. Then we headed to the back of the church parking lot where the tunnel of pine trees are.


The Thang:

Once we got to the pine trees, we revisited one of Readymix’ favorite beatdowns called “The Gauntlet.” We partnered up. One person would run down the tunnel of trees around the “apple tree?” and jog back to their partner. The partners would take turns doing the following work:

150 Diamond Merkins

150 BBSU

120 Mike Tyson’s

The gazelles did dying cockroaches, gas-pumpers while we let the 6 finish.

Thang 2.

After we wrapped up the gauntlet, we formed two lines and did an Indian run back past homers, donut, and to the main road. Once we got to the main road, we split up the Indian run to safely cross the road. We reconvened in front of c’est la vie and circled up to do Mucho Chesto (which was part of Readymix’ First beatdown Saint 2.0 led. We did five reps, but did not have time to pyramid down. After that, we lined up on the first full parking lot line, and did a 200 yard sprint back to the flag.

From there, we had time for some Mary. We did gas, bumpers, box, cutters, copperhead, Squats, and dying cockroaches.  3 burpees on your own to finish.


Prayers for security in our neighborhoods. There was an incident in Double gate where a woman was attacked in the morning at the end of last week.

We also prayed for Kyung at Starbucks. He’s been battling cancer for a year.  Praying for complete Healing.

Many Prayers for Readymix’ Family as this week is his birthday week.  Pray for comfort and God’s presence to be felt this week.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

16 months ago heaven gained a great one. While we miss our Brother a lot we have comfort in knowing we’ll see him again. I pray the conviction people had after his celebration of life continues to be strong.  We look to be a better follower of Jesus. Look to be a better Dad, better husband, better son, better brother, and better friend.  His authenticity and intentionality in relationships was one of a kind.

I am very grateful for all the F3 brothers that have reached out and walked alongside me and his family over this past 16 months.

As we moved to Starbucks after the beatdown, Kyung had set up a special table with drinks and treats, and a sign memorializing Readymix on his 52nd birthday. It was a great surprise, and the thoughtfulness would’ve made Readymix proud.


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