Enter Sandburgh (like Enter Sandman)

AO: Academy

When: 08/08/2023

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (9): Caffey, Cookie, Devito, Mayhem, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Stroller, Turbine


After Mayhem’s destroyed my legs last week I grabbed Q just to continue to support Academy. A few call outs and even the offer to take on site Q if enough folks give an HC and pax were here for that.

The idea struck and as HC’s rolled in I thought about what these pax would truly hate, what is your worse nightmare with F3…


Caffey ran in so that was kind of a warm up.

The Thang:

First up is Cookie, who is terrified of forgetting coffee or not setting the timer right. So we hit the streets to try to find an open coffee shop. At each stop we do 20 Dips, 20 Dercans, and 20 SSH. Maple Street, Valor, Warm Waves, and Nest were all closed so no coffee today…or will a miracle happen?

Back to the lot for a large four corners in Devito’s nightmare. A series of exercises that resemble something but none of us had ever heard of a “burpee”. 10 Groiners, Mercans, Squats, and Star Jumps at each corner

We went hunting for a cinder cache from No-See-Um. 3 blocks and a baby to share among six of us (as a couple took off running). This was MT’s fear as we just stood there and didn’t run or anything. curls/oh press/skull crushers, while the two extra do mucho chesto and rotate.

No-See-Um shows up for a little low mileage work and watches us move somewhere else every time he thinks we are settled into a place.

For Turbine, the F3Alpha journeyman who could randomly be at any AO any given day, would hate to do the same thing twice and so we repeated the cinder cycle. (It was pointed out that making him cover his thighs or even put a shirt on would have been worse for him)

On to the track where it was quickly noted as Mayhem’s nightmare of running the wrong way before I even said a word. Two pax run backwards around the track while the others sprint/run forward. When we meet we pick some Mary. Everyone runs backwards twice and only one pax went off road.

Back out to the lot where we deal with a broken or wonky jogger for Stroller. Partner up and wheelbarrow down the lane. Stop at each trees for dercan/squat mix and switch off. Q adrenaline is draining but I continue to push through.

Into the stadium for Caffey’s bad dreams. Where we do way too much legs and he gets hurt before his run Saturday. 7’s up and down the steps with Lunges (alpha) and Calf Raises at the top.

Back to the lot where my nightmare comes true with 5 minutes left and out of things to call. A round of mary (plus diamonds….) and a lap around the lot bring us to time as the alarm goes off.



A great showing this morning at Academy. Thanks for hearing the call and showing up. We made a great plan for the next few months to continue to challenge Alpha with this beatdown.

Thanks for the coffee by No-See-Um as we pass the flag.

Prayers for Caffey’s niece, Taylor, and that whole family’s loss.

Prayers for Devito’s coworker’s son and praise they found his heart condition on time


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead and take up the mantle

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