Back to School BD with Science, Geography, Math

AO: The Wreck

When: 08/07/2023

QIC: 1st rule

PAX (12): aflac, Cliff - Chris Noto, corky, Gutterball, Matt Shields-Norm, Raider, rip, Rooney- timlonergan, Scratch-Off, Tubbs, Yankee, Nutmeg


As it was the first day of school for Fulton county, YHC first thought of the routine Billy Madison.  That seemed to predictable, so went back in time to popular subject areas from elementary and high school.  A little bit of pre-setup was called for in the Roswell North parking lot.


There are 175 school days in the Fulton county school calendary.

Decomposed 175 as follows

17 SSH

7 Weedpickers

5 Windmills

15 Mountain climbers

7 Forward / Reverse Arm circles

The Thang:

Thing 1: Bear crawl up the long ramp that leads up from the playground to the side parking lot by the school.

Thing 2: Setup 6 stations in the parking lot.  Broke into smaller groups of PAX and rotated to next station every 2 min.  Played some old school tunes in the background.

Station 1:  Sight Words

Using a cinder block coupon, spell out the sight words in the air.

Play, See, Where, Look, Said


Station 2:  World Geography

A large world map was spread out on the parking lot.  Each PAX tossed a lighted badminton shuttlecock on the map.  The PAX then used the first letter of the country it landed on to look up the corresponding exercise.

Letter Exercise Count Letter Exercise Count
A American Hammers (single) 20 N No Surrenders 5
B Big Boy Situps 10 O One-legged Burpees 5
C Crab Cakes 10 P Parker Peters 15
D Diamonds 10 Q sQuats 20
E Elbow Planks (Alt. arms) 30 sec R Reverse Crunch 10
F Flutter Kicks (single) 20 S Side-Straddel Hops 15
G Groiners 10 T T-Bomb 5
H Hillbillies 15 U Uppercuts (each arm) 10
I Imperial Walkers 15 V Abe Vigoda 10
J J-Los 15 W Wide-Arm Merkin 10
K Knerkins 10 X X-crunches (each arm) 10
L LBCs 20 Y Y-arm raises (superman) 10
M Merkins 10 Z Zombie Crunch (each side) 10


Station 3:  Math

PAX tossed two die.

Add two die together for number of Merkins

Multiply two die together for number of Squats

Station 4:  GA Geography

There are 5 geographical regions in Georgia.  PAX worked corresponding exercise for each region.  Rinse and repeat

Blue Ridge Stone Mountains

Plateau Plank Jacks

Coastal Crabcakes

Valley V-situps

Piedmont Peter Parkers

Station 5:  Oppenheimer T-bombs

PAX learned a little bit of the physics of nuclear fission.  Using bowling ball, PAX tried to split as many atoms as possible.  Count the atoms left unsplit (still standing) and do the number of T-bombs.

Station 6:  Periodic Table

With a large shower curtain that had the periodic table (you can find anything on Amazon), PAX rolled two dice and combined the two numbers to get the atomic number.  PAX then used the atomic number to lookup the element on the Periodic table and find out its type below for the corresponding exercise with coupon.

Alkali metal – 10 curls

Alkaline Earth – 10 skull crushers

Basic metal – 10 rows

Halogen / Noble Gas – 10 Halos

Non Metal – 10 Overhead Press

Lanthanide – 10 Halos

Actinide – 10 Rows

Semi Metal – 10 Curls

Transition Metal – 10 Skull Crushers

Others – 10 Overhead press





Finished stations right before parents started coming into the parking lot, and headed to the flag.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always fun to try something new.

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