Football Season – Glory Days Revival Celebration

AO: Norseman

When: 08/03/2023

QIC: DeLorean

PAX (20): Bottom Bunk, Chapter 11, DirtyMO, Fresh Prince, Ha-ha, Huffy, Knight Rider, Nacho Libre, Pepper, Salt, Stu, Sweeper, TMI, TO, Untouchable, Hot Wheels, FNG (Meltdown), FNG (LuLu), FNG (Sea Salt)


It’s football season!  Before Friday Night Lights… we have to put in the work.  Let’s get it!


1 Mile Run



Arm Circles

The Thang:

Weight Room Simulator:

1st Set: 40 mercans, 30 squats (Girlfriends), 25 Cleans (Girlfriends)

2nd Set: 30 mercans, 25 squats (Girlfriends), 20 Cleans (Girlfriends)

3rd Set: 20 mercans, 20 squats (Girlfriends), 10 Cleans (Girlfriends)

4th Set: 40 mercans, 30 squats (Girlfriends), 20 Cleans (Girlfriends)


Field Work:

10 – 20 yrd sprints

10 – 40 yrd sprints

10 – 100 yrd sprints (almost made it… time got us)


  • Convergence on Sat Aug 5 – Brooks St park, bring the Family.
  • continued prayer for Baby Emmy
  • continued prayers for Angel
  • Prayers for HaHa’s MIL

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