AO: Rubicon

When: 07/27/2023

QIC: Irene

PAX (9): Avis, Devito, FannyPack, Focker, Groundhog, lumbergh, Red Ryder (D Mack), Special K


YHC signed up for this Q nearly as soon as the 2023 sheet opened up. YHC wanted a second go at my first Q which was a late pick-up while many of the Rubicon regulars were travelling. Not only were many people out of town, but a thunderstorm rolled in and turned the SCs into No-Cs – except for Special K and Wilson. The three of us braved the rain, thunder, and lightning because YHC didn’t know any better to audible and move to the pavilion.


So, here we are, back again, to try out the “Leeroy Jenkins Q” with a few more pax and better weather.


After a quick intro, disclaimer, and hello we dove straight into the beatdown and moseyed to the pool parking lot. Side Straddle Hops, Windmills, Hillbillies, Arm Circles, and COVIDs to get the blood pumping while we listened to 99 Red Balloons.

Off to the coupon pile for a “medium to heavy” coupon (Overly Ambitious Call by YHC) and then on to the Field of Dreams while we listened to The Impression That I Get by Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

The Thang:

The Thang today was a musical (AMRAP) dora with a slight catch: Each Pax got to call one “Leeroy Jenkins” (if you don’t know, I provided the video). paraphrased from the Exicon where I found this, a Leeroy Jenkins is gamer slang for someone who screws everything up for everyone, but in F3 terms it is a sprint, 5 burpees, and sprint back to resume what you were doing before.

After a quick explanation – given on the mosey over to the FoD – we dove straight into the Musical AMRAP Dora with a Ska playlist:

1985 – Bowling for Soup – Goblet Squats
Keasby Nights – Catch 22 – Merkins (any variety)
Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne – Curls
maybe – Machine Gun Kelly, Bring Me the Horizon – American Hammers
Superman – Goldfinger – Imperial Squat Walkers
In Too Deep – Sum 41 – Overhead Press
Beer – Reel Big Fish – Freddie Mercuries
Inside Out – Eve 6 – We’re Not Worthy’s
Sell Out – Reel Big Fish – Skull Crushers
Flavor Of The Week – American Hi-Fi – Lunges

After an immediate Leeroy Jenkins from our burpee loving Site Q, we settled into to the workout with a few groans over the coupon call and a thorough discussion of Stacy’s Mom’s dateable age spectrum. All Pax accelerated through the beatdown and used their Leeroy Jenkins when “relief” was needed.

At the end of the final song, we returned our coupons and moseyed back to the flag for a quick mary of Dying Cockroaches, Supermans, LBCs, and Buzzsaws while The Ramones sang I Wanna Be Sedated.


Announcements for Convergence on August 5th at Brooke Street Park beginning at 7 am. August 11th-12th is the Ready-Mix Quad – check JC_Hooch’s Slack for more details.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you all for joining me for this VQ-nniversary. It has been an absolute pleasure joining this group and participating in or leading the beatdowns.

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