Before these crowded streets

AO: Academy

When: 07/25/2023

QIC: Cookie

PAX (3): Cookie, MillerTime, Turbine


YHC grabbed the Q the day before and promised a full body workout. What I didn’t promise, was a little surprise visit from the Dave Matthews Band bus brigade in our parking lot. YHC pulled in at 5:12am sharp and noticed 6-8 blacked out tour buses for what appeared to be DMB and his posse. Presumably some of the crew was staying at the nearby Hamilton Hotel. YHC is attending the show tonight so I thought it was a pretty good start to the day, however it would have been much cooler if we saw him emerge from his bus with guitar in hand. But it wasn’t to be..

Back to the workout. Lumbergh HC’d but didn’t show, MillerTime didn’t HC but did show, so the numbers were in line with the HC’s. Actually, MillerTime came to run but was persuaded to join us with the promise of extra miles, or perhaps he just felt sorry to leave Turbine and I alone.

“Before these crowded streets” we decided to run around town, here is how it went:


No warmup, it’s Academy… duh

The Thang:

With the promise of doing extra miles for MillerTime, we set off for downtown Alpharetta with Avalon in our future. Lots of stops for pain stations along the way including pullups at the park near Avalon culminating with alternating merkins at each driveway all the way back up Academy St.

Once we were back towards downtown and heading for the track, MillerTime informed the Q that he needed at least an extra 2 miles. So the next exercise was an OYO run around the track at your own pace stopping for exercises along the way if you so desired.

Final tally was about 5.5 miles.


We ended with COT then converged for coffeeteria with about 12 other PAX from Norseman and Rubicon.

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