Crazy 8s Anniversary – Blow the dust off the Exicon

AO: Grindstone

When: 07/24/2023

QIC: Swiper

PAX (8): Crab Cake, Deuce (Jay Mooney), Hail Mary, Omaha, Snowman, Swiper, Tsunami, Vanna


YHC was so excited for his 8-year anniversary Q that he signed up for both Grindstone and BlackWater.  Thanks to @Inseam for stepping in and leading the West Side edition – his good deed even rewarded him with a new pet!  We were looking light for a moment in the early gloom which can be expected when (3) of your PAX are traveling out to Colorado in the same posse as is the case for Spit Valve, Bill Dance, and Striker.  Seeing how it was my anniversary, a couple of PAX chose to pay their respects by coming in hot!  One of the things you learn over 8 years is how to optimize the amount of sleep you get so as not to waste a single minute – aye!


Mosey around to the front of the park for warm ups, all IC:

Good Mornings

Willie Mays Hayes

Imperial Walkers



The Thang:

YHC learned on a trip last week that there is supposed to be an anniversary gift for every year of marriage.  Since I’ve clearly blown this on the marriage front, I thought I might make it up at F3.  The 8-year anniversary gift is…Bronze.  It was an honor to bequeath our PAX with such a heartfelt gesture…


Burpee Broad Jump – broad jump, 1 burpee; broad jump, 2 burpees, etc. ascending to 8

Rock a bye baby – w/ coupon. Start in people’s chair with coupon over your head. Bring down
and go straight out, left, right, and back up (8-count, 16 reps)

One calls – 8 count mercan. 1)Down 2) hand release 3) back up 4) punch left 5) pull punch back
6) punch right 7) pull punch back 8) to high plank with a kick (16 reps)

No surrender – 4 count, hands behind head, down to left knee, down to right knee, up left, up
right. (24 reps)

Zombie crawl – using hands dragging feet behind you. Start at the 40 yard line and go to the goal.  @Tsunami must have spent some time on the set of the Walking Dead because he out-zombied the rest of us by a good margin

Empty Wheelbarrow – with partner back to mid field.  Like a Wheelbarrow but facing up
(like reverse crab walk with someone holding your feet). 48 yards – partners alternate after 24
yards.  This one really sucked – hats off to @Snowman for the longest stretch and it was evident that @CrabCake and @Tsunami had a special connection on this one


  • Prayers for all PAX who are traveling to close out the summer
  • Prayers for the Pankania family for the loss of husband, father, friend, neighbor, and Dawgs fan, Sanjay.  I knew him for many years and he will be truly missed
  • Continued prayers for Schneider’s mom

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC was asked the question this morning…”what does F3 mean to you?”  It’s a great question and the answer is different for all of us but there are likely many common themes.  Instead of attempting an all-inclusive response, I think I will just share a few things that F3 has given me over these 8 years:

  • A sustainable way to make exercise part of my life.  Prior to F3, I experienced a lifetime of starts and stops, highs and lows, and significant GAPS in my fitness levels and this group has kept me coming back
  • Some incredible male friendships.  I grew up playing sports, had a big group of high school friends, and was in a fraternity in college.  As responsibilities in life grow, quality male relationships seem to be one of the first things that get cut back and replaced with work and family responsibilities, creating the Sad Clown syndrome that they so eloquently describe in “Freed to Lead.”  I moved to Atlanta in 2012 and had almost no quality friendships until I found F3.  Most of the closest friends I have in Atlanta are in this group
  • Increased level of confidence and belief in myself.  The bar continues to raise on a daily basis in this group.  18 months ago, we had 1 or 2 guys who might be able to run 10 miles and now we have unsanctioned Ultra Marathons taking place on almost a weekly basis.  Growth comes from surpassing what you previously thought were your limits.  I was in the van last September at 3 AM in the pouring rain when @Inseam delivered the famous “I’m tired of being a hard cock” speech.  Go look at his Strava profile for 2023 when you have a second.
  • A desire to lead – One of the reasons I chose a career in sales is because I could use my abilities to capitalize the benefits for myself without having to worry much about other people.  If it benefitted my team or my company, that’s fine, but if I’m being honest, I was really only concerned with what it meant to me personally.  Managing people always seemed like a hassle and I didn’t really have a desire to do much of it.  This group has shown me that when you invest in something with your heart, one of the most fulfilling and joyful components is seeing other lives impacted and I’m truly honored to serve in any role that helps us grow our mission
  • Laughs – no further explanation needed :)))))

Cheers gentlemen and thanks to you all!  No idea what the gift is for 9 years, but I hope I’ll be trying to figure it out this time next year.  Aye!

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