PUNishment at the Widowmaker

AO: Widowmaker

When: 07/22/2023

QIC: Cox

PAX (1): Boomer, defcon2, Mounty, NRA, Roundup, Sea Monkey, Tater tot, Zohan, Shuttlecock, Veggie (2.0)


A little pre-bd mumblechatter on the Slack machine to warm up the PAX in preparation for PUN-ishment Q.  The theme for this beatdown is cringy Puns – something I take great pride in and always seems to be a hit in the gloom and less so with the M…

Two 2.0s getting after it as well. thanks @Boomer and @DC2 for showing the kids how its done!


Disclaimer and a mosey across to the parking lot on the other side of the baseball fields with the alternative coupons.

  • SSH
  • Weedpicker
  • Toy Solider
  • Imperial Walker

and a explanation of the PUN-ishment rules. If you guess the completion of the pun you get to pick a 10 count exercise – if you are wrong the Q picks

warm up pun – Bach composed music from 1708 until his death in 1750. After that he just ________ (decomposed). Correct answer from Zohan and a reward of Peter Parkers for the PAX

The Thang:

Now to the Q’s list. lets start with some shoulder and arms work. Grab a coupon and partner up for some Dora. Take a lap or do the following

  • Skullcrushers x 100
  • Overhead Press x 100
  • Curls x 100
  • Bent Over Row x 100

*** But Wait – There’s more (pax) *** here comes @Roundup to join the fun.  we missed him at the flag at 7:05 but we appreciate last week’s flying EH coming back for more so join the fun!

Planned to do 1 round but lets do 2 instead.

Plank for 6 and lets see how we can do with a pun in plank position!  its such a lovely morning so with one hand in the air Q asks the following: Where do bad rainbows go? (Prism), its a light sentence…

Nobody got it correct so how about 10 Hand Release Merkins!

Mosey to the other parking lot with the normal coupons and run to the trail, pause at the dam to say hi to the walkers and then off to the top of the hill for another plan and pun. This time it was @Sea Monkey who got it right.

Did you hear about the man who tried to catch fog? He mist… @Sea Monkey for the win and something I have now forgotten but it was good

Bottom of the Windowmaker hill for another Dora to the Manhole/Personhole Cover/Sewer Cap (seriously? who does that) and now for some core:

  • LBC x 100
  • E2K Left x 100
  • E2K Right x 100
  • Box Cutters x 100

Running short on time so up the hill for a final pause and pun. What do you call and owl that disappears…Houdini…and back to the flag!

on time for an 8:00 am arrival back at the flag but here we leave no man behind so about face to pick up the 6 and an 8:01 am arrival so penalty burpee and we out!



Announcements – Next week @Funyun has the keys /Widowmaker closed 8/5 for F3/Fia Convergence at Brook Street Park behind Alpharetta Courthouse downtown / 8/19 Widowmaker Site Q and Name Change Ceremony

Prayers for @Shuttlecock for passing out at the Dr Office (you should see a Dr about that – good timing!), @Mounty heading to St. Louis to check out the Downrange F3 , @DC2 best of luck on pending interviews and thank you to @Zohan for letting us know our un-named F3 brother is in the hospital – we are praying for you! (@Zohan please make sure he knows this is a stellar backblast with wit and humor that will hopefully bring a smile to his face – been there myself and it means a lot)

Thanks to all for joining and for the great weather this morning.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead and thank you all for the opportunity to be part of your day. I spent some time with @Roundup at Bagel Boys evangelizing F3 and it does happen sometimes. Happy to be a messenger for positively impacting the lives of those around us.  Keep up the good work men, it makes a difference in everyone we encounter.

@Cox out!

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