Taking down the beast

AO: Big Creek

When: 07/19/2023

QIC: Bill Dance

PAX (11): Benny, Bill Dance, DirtyMO, Dumpster, Inseam, Mantooth, Mr. Hand, Package, Schneider, Spit Valve, Stroller


YHC had the Q. It was my first full Q and I was pretty scary going into it. I would say I was cool enough to come up with it on the spot but I did some planning the day before to make sure I wasn’t clueless. Being the youngest by a bit the pressure was on, but I feel that I didn’t disappoint.


Mosey around to the road by the soccer fields and circle up for SSH, windmills, and good morning.

The Thang:

Mosey to the middle soccer field.

Partner 1 will perform each exercise while Partner 2 backpedals 50 yards, performs a Bobby Hurley & jogs back to continue the exercise from the count accumulated by Partner 1.

Exercises included:

Burpees (150)

Squats (200)

Big Boy Sit-Ups (150)

Little Baby arm Circles (150)

Merkins (150)


NLB breakfast at 6:30 this upcoming Saturday.  Driveway mile on 8/5.  Check slack for more details.

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