Junk Food Day

AO: Boneyard

When: 07/21/2023

QIC: FannyPack

PAX (08): FannyPack, Floater, Irene, Morphine, Mounty, Speedo, Trebek, Brownie


I just felt a little snackey, and I realized why- It’s National Junk Food Day of course!!!

I’m a giver, and I brought treats to share this morning.


A quick mosey with high knees, buttkickers, caraokakakcooaka left & right.  Circle up for SSH’s, weedpickers, imperial walkers, arm circles, and covid’s.

The Thang:

We scarfed up the following routing, in 3 rounds:

  • Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Stick
    • E2K, start with legs straight
    • 10x each side, AND
  • Pizza Merkins (kind of exactly like Clock Merkins)
    • Find curb or hill for your feet
    • 5x at 12, 3, 6, 9

Then we headed to the big field for:

  • Quarter Pounder
    • Start at one end
    • Sprint out to the yds below, Bernie back
    • 25 yds- 25 Merkins
    • 50 yds- 50 Squats
    • 75 yds- Mtn Clmbrs
    • 100 yds- SSH

With full bellies, we did a quick recovery round of 10 Burpees.  By that point everyone was thirsty for some cold, cheap, watery American beer, so we went to the pull up bars for a:

  • Six Pack
    • 6’s, but a Pyramid (1:5,2:4,…5:1,then back down: 4:2…2:4,1:5)
    • Pull ups and BBSU’s

We mosey’d back to the flag to fish off with more snacks.  Everything below times 3:

  • Pringle’s VUps
    • Also known as the “VUp”
    • Straight Legs, keep 6” off ground
    • 10x
  • Soda Popinski’s Punch-up Merkin
    • 10x; 5x each side
    • Merkin, punch to the side at the top

Finished at time.  We definitely enjoyed a little to much, and now we just have to burn off the extra calories.



Glad to see Morphine this morning- wishing him all the best in the next chapter up near Chicago.

Lots of upcoming events- check Slack


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks for putting up with me.  I had fun trying some new stuff this morning.  This is a stressful season for me on several fronts and F3 is a huge encouragement to me as always.

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