Round and Round

AO: Cropduster

When: 07/20/2023

QIC: Tenderfoot

PAX (7): Angus, Animal, BallBoy, Half-Dozen, Jetson, Maguire, Tenderfoot


As part of our continued series of pushing ourselves but not hurting ourselves….YHC decided to go with Jetson’s suggestion and have a good’ole interval training session today. And boy was it something.  Sweat, blood, glory….strava awards….this run had it all to the gills I tell ya!!!!!


We started with a warm up mosey around Ocee Park sidewalk included the trail through the woods.


The Thang:

Starting near the parking lot we proceeded to do repeats of fast run around the ball field circle, alternating with slower/recovery pace around the circle.  Some modified as necessary going to 400 on/ off repeats.  We all ran to the very end exhausted but enjoying our sweat and misery none the less.


Prayers were offered for safe travels, peaceful family interactions, and continued health.  Call outs were made to upcoming Convergence, and also Quad events in August.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was a great change of pace from the usual runs and hope we make it a regular thing into the pattern of our Cropduster runs.

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