F3 Dawsonville visits Hall & Hound

AO: 2nd F

When: 07/19/2023

QIC: Better Call Saul

PAX (5): Ace Ventura, Better Call Saul, Dunshire, Seaman, Sirmixalot


We met at the Hall & Hound brewpub which actually doesn’t brew any beer yet because their brewhouse is being built.  It is located somewhere between Phenix City, Alabama and Asheville, North Carolina.


We attempted to warm up with homemade chips and Totchos (nachos but instead of tortillas, you have tater tots – and they are very good).  However, the appetizers didn’t arrive until they showed up with the entrees.  Sort of defeats the purpose but what are you going to do?

The Thang:

We had dinner and good conversation.   Well, everyone but Ace did since he just sat and drank water because he is “fasting”.  But the fasting is working because he was able to put on his Underoo Superman shirt for the first time in years and he wore it to the restaurant.

Hall & Hound had music bingo which was all well and good as they were playing some good country music when all of a sudden they decided that it was Christmas In July and played Christmas songs.  Which infuriated Dunshire and he was ready to show how many chairs he could throw across the restaurant in protest.

do want to say that we are proud of Dunshire that he didn’t put ketchup on his chicken fried chicken tonight.

speaking of protest, Seaman and I decided that the actors and writers strike was no big deal because we can just go watch Kojak, Rockford Files and Magnum PI (the original) and are not in need of any new content.

Seaman had his first experience with Alabama white bbq sauce.  This version was good but a little thin.  Hopefully he will give it another chance somewhere else.

the issue of how to handle fartsacking came up as well.  the problem is that there is not a severe enough consequence for fartsacking and so it still goes on.  We settled on a proposal to the region that we take turns hitting the fartsacker with a bag or pillow full of oranges until we get tired.  Not sure how the vote will go but we gotta do something to address this.

I am worried about Sirmixalot.  first, he wants to ruck for 50 miles.  Now he says he is getting a 125 lb. sandbag.  What? I had trouble with the 60 lb. sandbag this morning.  Next thing, he is going to say his Miyogi or Muskogee  or whatever it is, will be rucking 50 miles carrying the 125 lb. sandbag.

speaking of worried, we had the obligatory hand-wringing discussion of how AI, the robots and chatGPT are going to ruin everything.  I reminded the group that the robots have promised not to kill us.  So we have that.

Finally, Ace borrowed three dollars from Seaman to put a tip on the table (I guess to acknowledge that the server  brought him a lemon wedge for his water) but I did not actually see the tip be left.  then as we were leaving, he went back to the table.  It was all very suspicious.


Always enjoy being with the guys for a 2nd F – busting balls and solving the world’s problems.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Look forward to the next one.

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