Silent Treatment from Stu

AO: Crossroads

When: 07/17/2023

QIC: Hollywood

PAX (9): Caffey, DeLorean, Ha-ha, Hollywood, Log Cabin, lumbergh, Nacho Libre, Stu, Turbine


Two lunatics got up early, one early than the other, and did 3 and 5 miles of hill s at 6 Hills subdivision for a pre-run.  Tried to stay quiet so we didn’t wake up the locals…


Got back just in time to see Ha-Ha take off without telling anyone about 6 minutes early to get in the mileage.  This did not go well once Stu showed up and saw Ha-Ha’s car and no Ha-Ha.  From there on it was not good…..

The Thang:

Ran out the back around the Milton horse and library onto Charlotte Drive.  Zig-zagged through Charlotte all the way down to Rucker.  Stu mentions several times he still can’t believe Ha-Ha took off and left without him.  He ever had great stories lined up to talk to him about.


Right on Rucker all the way to Arnold Mill, always forget how far uphill Rucker Road is there and it was a grind to the top.


Right on Arnold Mill and right on Crabapple to head back toward the start line.  For extra credit the faster group passed the start, back to the Milton horse and library, and around the back the same way we left.


Prayers for Nacho’s wife who has a few days left in Uganda on her mission trip, and praises for a successful mission trip and safe return for Nacho and his group from the Holy Land.

And lots of silent treatment from Stu when he finally met back up with Ha-Ha….

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always great to see everyone Monday morning getting the week started right.  Great job men!

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